Go Ahead...Let the Magic Back in.

Katrina is an amazing, gifted woman! She combines her natural intuitive gifts with the Lucia Light, becoming a powerful alchemist of healing and story that is touching the lives of many.

Katrina’s intuitive readings gave me a story; with visuals, spirit helpers and past lives, while I was experiencing intense peak experiences. Her readings provided a “bridge” for me to cross from the external sensory world; perceiving reality from sight, sound, taste, smell and touch, into

the spiritual dimensions of insight, visions, dreams and an interconnection with all of life. The readings helped me trust in the support of spirit helpers and gave me a deep knowing that something inter dimensional was happening.

The Lucia Light affected the deep centers in my brain and my entire nervous system. I experienced very deep states of relaxation in my body and mind, very much like deep states of meditation.

Melissa V Nelson DC~

Although it hard to find the words to express my experience, I'll start with WOW! Katrina and the Lucia Light opened windows through which I had never looked before.

Sitting in a space, feeling at ease and safe in Katrina’s loving presence, I floated off on a journey of lights, shapes, images and music that was both magical and revealing. When the lights turned off, I was in a sensation of peace and joy, and i knew immediately that I had to come back.

Then it got even better! Katrina revealed the guided imagery she experienced during my light session. She was thoughtful, articulate, gentle and spot on as she painted the visual picture that came to her.

The whole experience left me feeling gratitude, knowing, faith, and wonder all rolled onto one beautiful ball of WOW!! Leslie- WI~

The light sessions that I experienced with Katrina were deeply healing on many levels. I felt intense physical and emotional reactions during and after the sessions. I also experienced spiritual and energetic awakenings that were profound and unexpected. I always looked forward to hearing Katina's reactions and visions that she experienced during my sessions. Her words and stories were very helpful and enlightening, helping me integrate and understand the whole experience. It is hard to quantify how much these sessions changed my way of experiencing myself and the world around me. Suffice it to say that the effects are powerful, enduring, and magical. They continue to unfold.... Audrey Chowdhury~

The light sessions with Katrina were enjoyable and relaxing on the surface. I had beautiful visions of colors, patterns, places and beings.

One of the things that I loved the most is afterwards; when Katrina and I would share what we experienced. Her intuitive spiritual readings always coincided with what I saw and experienced during the light session. I found talking with her really helped me to find clarity with what I was confused about in my life. I just always felt much lighter and better after my sessions with Katrina.

I did not fully understand the profound depth of the light sessions until a few months afterwards, when I actually experienced one of the visions in my daily life, not during a light session. It’s difficult to put into words, but I would say that this gave me confirmation of my intuition and confidence to always trust myself.

Anonymous - Sister Bay, WI~

The light session is something like I've never experienced before! The feelings, the releases and all it entails is amazing. I love that in addition to the light, Katrina gives a reading - which is always right on and quite often the same visions I've had under the light. Katrina's intuition is such an asset to assist in your healing. I highly recommend it! Lisa Iverson~

Light Sessions for me were an awesome, magical, affirming experience. In many ways, each session increased awareness to myself. It affirmed a realization of my ‘true self’. Love is everything! Katrina’s interpretation of the images and emotions I experiences during the sessions were extremely important to the realization of the ‘Light’ within me - My True Self!

As I always said to Katrina after a session. Words are inadequate to explain the incredible experience. Jeanne~

Katrina shared her highly attuned abilities with me during a series of light sessions. My first reaction was one of awe....the light took me beyond the consciousness of other healing energy modalities. This I inherently identified as the etheric field of creation. Each session brought me further in light identification but also comfort with this. Her intuitive vision of the experience formed a mantra that helped me to stay in alignment with all that I experienced later, as my awareness lost the initial expansion. These sessions and Katrina's work were important tools in my spiritual expansion and growth. Thank you Katrina.

Marggie H. ~