"Keep the Pineal Gland operating & you will never grow old. You will always be young." Edgar Cayce~

The Pineal Gland /Third Eye is a pea sized, crystalline, pine cone shaped structure in the center of our brain. It regulates our hormonal, reproductive and sleep cycles. One of the roles of the pineal gland is to receive and detect white light through closed eyes. Also called the mind's eye, or inner eye, the third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept located on the forehead, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight (intuition).

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT); also known as the ‘spirit molecule,’ DMT a natural occurring psychedelic compound is found in all living plants and mammals. Shamans and indigenous healers use plants to reach a dimension of light consciousness, where all healing begins. DMT is naturally manufactured and released by the pineal gland and is an integral part of birth, death, dreams, child birth, in sacred ceremonies (such as Ayahuasca) as well as psychic journeys and visionary experiences.

The pineal is believed to be the seat of the soul; the bridge to higher consciousness. Opening the 3rd eye is the key to awakening our psychic senses, allowing access to other realms and dimensions, and connecting to Spirit.

In most adults the pineal gland has become calcified by consuming water with fluoride, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, pesticides, and tobacco.

Bright light is believed to stimulate the release of DMT while awakening and decalcifying the pineal gland. Dr Rick Strassman M.D. (Author of The Spirit Molecule), held a 4 year clinical study proving that DMT consistently produced NDE’s and profound mystical, insightful, therapeutic and healing experiences to which shifts in consciousness were attributed.

A light traveler's brain waves, at rest.

A light traveler's brain waves during a Lucia N°03 Light Session

The flickering light of the Lucia N°03 invites the brain into entrainment (increased alpha, theta and gamma waves) and ultimately into coherence, a harmonic brain state found in experienced meditators or those in trance states.