About the Light

Experience a state of deep relaxation coupled with focus, where one is in touch with their own intuition.

Hypnagogia: the magical space between wakefulness and sleep; powerful for deep relaxation, cosmic journeying, lucid dreaming, creative visioning and much more.

The Lucia N°03 hypnagogic light provides a deep limbic and central nervous system relaxation while simultaneously encouraging a unique transcendental journeying experience that you create. Step out of the stress of everyday life and into the present moment of bliss. This new technology gently entrains the brain, stimulates the pineal gland/third eye and opens a space for visionary exploration - a place of unimaginable peace and indescribable beauty.

Lucia supercharges the brain with light energy. The brain is able and known to heal the body, at any stage of illness (spontaneous remissions). Light has played a central role in the treatment of various conditions such as mood disorders, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, tumors, compulsive and mental disorders, etc. The range of applications is unlimited.

White light passes through closed eyelids, into the retina, to the pineal gland and central brain, creating a visual experience of one’s own design. Many see powerful visions of vivid colors and kaleidoscoping, sacred geometry. The inner consciousness of the light traveler produces profound scenes of indescribable beauty.

Though most clients prefer The Light to be centered over the 3rd eye/Pineal Gland, we also offer Light Sessions for the additional chakras as well; especially recommending the heart and the solar plexus.

Everyone’s experience is unique and varies; even returning client’s experiences vary drastically from one session to the next. Faced with the artistry of their inner consciousness, light travelers cannot help but to re-evaluate their perception. Each experience is as unique as the person in the light.

What is the Lucia Light?

The Lucia Light is a neurostimulator; a high quality lamp with a centered halogen and 8 surrounding LED lights. The lamp head combines a stroboscope (flickering light), flexible in both speed and intensity with constant light, available in different degrees of brightness. The computer-controlled interaction of these light sources activates different ways of experiencing (seeing) an intense world of colors and shapes.

“We are stars Wrapped in Skin. The light you are seeking has always been with in.” Rumi~