We are all beings of Light and all of our cells communicate through Light.

Now even novice meditators may access expanded states of consciousness; reaching deep relaxation and inner peace almost immediately. The light stimulates harmonic brain wave patterns only found in the minds of those meditating for decades. The Lucia NO°3 gives one the road map and confidence to access deep states of meditation independently. One can drop into Alpha and Theta states of meditation quicker and quicker with each Light Session.

The Lucia NO°3 is both stimulation (through light), and relaxation (through brain entrainment). The Light helps rewire your brain and reprogram your central nervous system to decrease stress in your every day life. Clients report responding more calmly to anxiety and triggers in as little as one Light Session. The Lucia N°03 uses a wide spectrum of light which is reported to have great impact for seasonal affective disorder and depression in general as well as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), fear, insomnia, anxiety, trauma, among a list of other endless benefits. It is also a tool to help reconnect to your pineal gland (3rd eye).

Our energetic system is so deeply entwined, Lucia does more than simply work with the mind and pineal gland (3rd eye chakra). Molecular Biologists are just recently discovering that we are all beings of light and all of our cells communicate through light. The Lucia N°03 activates our inner light system, spreading light energy through the body and clearing blockages and stagnancies.

Each Light Session is completely different and unique to each client as it works with and balances each person's individual system. Light travelers report feeling more clear and centered after an experience, while some people may feel more energized and/or deeply relaxed and ready to rest.

While a 5-12 session series is recommended to help rewire the brain's pathways related to stress response, even one session is a profound experience lasting with the client for at least 24 hours afterwards but often lasting for days.

You are already perfect, whole and complete.

The Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Light is not a medical treatment or therapeutic device. Instead, it turns to consciousness as a state of health and wellbeing that is always available when not obscured by daily distractions and stressful thought processes. The sequences of solid and flickering white light stimulates your pineal gland and guides you into a meditative state allowing you to let go of any imbalances conveyed in your energetic, emotional, astral, and physical bodies.

This video provides a short introduction to the Lucia N°03 light experience. Allison Pelissier is a distributor for Lucia N°03 at Traveling Light LLC in Boulder, CO.